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For my spanish speaking friends...
A touch of Poetry & Art

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Redondela - Camino Portugués - Albergue Rosa D'Abreu

 Pelgrim' s Paradise

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Bases 56 Valery Uvarov Part 3

Bases 56 Valery Uvarov Part 3

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Casting shadows...

I soundly remember
those sun-drenched afternoons
of a summer which turned unbearable
and your words casting a shadow to offer shade.

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Amazing and worth it...

He was amazing and
he definitely was worth it.

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Montejaque - Grazalema - Montejaque

24 km of Tremendous Trekking

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Some of my Artwork...

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Frolicking around in Galicia....

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Estas Tonne : A Cosmic Fairytale

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Bolonia (Tarifa)

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Marmelete - Algarve - Portugal

Two day visit to Algarve


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Adya on Oprah

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One Soul...Many Lives

One Soul, opening up like a Book…
Two Pages mirroring their Sacred Scripts
Only just held together by a Silvery Seam
By the shadowy line of Handcrafted Stitches
One Soul…Two Pages
Undividedly, temporarily divided
One Soul…Two personalities
Sanctified, ephemeral meetings of mirror reflections
Coinciding on Earth; once, twice, three times together
One Soul…two Beings
Each living three unusual lives
Each wearing three unique bodies
Each expressing three different personalities
One Soul, two Beings: Pierre / Catherine – as father and daughter
Book 1: Catherine – Dialogues with Lives gone Past.
One Soul, two Beings: Guillin / Maria Catalina – as bishop and house-maid
Book 2: María Catalina – Memories of Soul Immortal.
One Soul, two Beings: Paolo / Maria – as husband and wife
Book 3: Earth Revisited – Recollecting the Missing Pieces.
One Soul, many, many lives…

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How to stop suffering? Byron Katie

Monday, May 19, 2014

Earth Revisited


Now available

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Planet Earth Revisited


Available at: Amazon - Kindle

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Cristallized Dreams...

She expected nothing and expected more
The sound of dust falling onto the floor
She never reached out and touched the sky
Two tears colliding in the blink of an eye
Homemade memories, stored in a jar
Crystallized dreams, dust from a star
To love, can be a bit of a challenge!

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In my first book: “Catherine – Dialogues with Lives gone Past” (France, 1333 – 1350), I describe how my Soul recognizes and connects with my twin-soul who is playing the role of being my father during that life-time. It shows how this instant and intimate recognition on soul-level ignores bloodlines and earthly rules and regulations. Soul does not take any of these circumstances into account yet at the same time may use them to create valuable life-lessons for both beings involved.

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Getting ready for El Camino...

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Tumbling down amongst cattle....