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Lord of the Sands


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A touch of Toledo...

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Trujillo - Extremadura - Spain

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Had a dream in which I was given a note which mentioned "Element 23".
I looked it up. It is called Vanadium: "The new nutrients for the new human - These metals in this nanoparticle form are the new nutrients, the new supplements, for the new human. The pure metals have been reduced to nanoparticle crystals which are not only bioabsorable, but are bonded with hydrogen to carry out specific electrical instructions in the body, including the activation of inert DNA."
Hence my drawing "Alchemy"

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Roaming through Seville...

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Beyond Senses...

There was in her
a willingness to wait,
a willingness to choose Life.

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There are moments in life
Where nothing seems to move
No matter how hard the wind blows

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Holding my Breath - Clinging on to a Vision.
The Light-Ones have been seen departing
From some yet unchallenged Futures
Wearing Wind Woven Fabrics,
Tasseled with Magnetism
And Allure.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

La Espiral de Noruega

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Wash Away

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Your heart is broken. You no longer feel at home. The world as you know it is crumbling. You feel you have lost something very precious to you. Life doesn't seem fair, kind, or right. You long to escape. To rewind to the way things were or to fast-forward to how things could be. You feel disconnected, lonely and lost, even beyond help.

Stop. Breathe. This is exactly how...
things are supposed to be right now. This is life, not a violation of life. A Universe cannot go 'wrong'. Life only goes 'wrong' in our thinking.

Come out of the movie of past and future, time and space, and turn to meet a sacred moment, this moment, the only moment there is. Remember your presence, here and now. Feel the body pulsating. Feel the heart pounding, the chest expanding and contracting. Feel the raw life that is here, enveloping you, filling you, animating you, being you. Feel your feet on the ground.

Know that the next step can only be taken from here, where you are, the true ground. Relax into never knowing what the next step will be before it is actually taken. Trust that you cannot trust right now. Be here. Yes, be here.

Your heart may be broken, friend, your dreams may be crumbling to dust, but you're always in the right place for life.

- Jeff Foster

Sunday, December 29, 2013

If you are in a shell...

Saturday, December 14, 2013



"By our wounds we are healed..."

Our wounds are not our own. They do not originate from within us, the result of a faulty mind or broken nature. Nor do they emerge as enemies from outside of us, as dark external forces sent to destroy us. Descartes ("I think therefore I am"), bless his little cotton socks, was a lonely, isolated man who created a cold, detached,... highly intellectual philosophy of mind-body separation that simply cannot stand up to direct investigation. When we look deeply into our first-hand, real-time experience, we find no entity called 'mind' with an inside and an outside, and certainly no 'mind' separate from any 'body' - we simply discover the ever-changing dance of thoughts and sensations, set against a silent backdrop of the non-conceptual presence that we are, which allows thought and sensation but is not bound to them.

Our wounds are not formed inside of us or outside of us, but in the context of relationship. We are relational beings, not separate egos floating in space longing to connect, and everything that is unseen, unmet, unheld in our early relationships with caregivers, those parts of experience not allowed into the light - the pain, the grief, the fear, the anger, the helplessness - are then seen as a threat to love, security, safety and ultimately life itself, and they become the 'negative', 'dark', 'sinful', 'untouchable' parts of our shattered selves, the shameful bits we hide from each other out of fear of losing each other. We imagine we have a light side and a hidden, shameful dark side, a good me and a bad me, a sinful me and a godly me, and the great War begins. The Unnameable lurks in the deep, and we scramble towards the light...

Wounds are formed in the context of relationship, and wounds are healed in the context of relationship. Later in our lives, we are intelligently drawn to those who can heal us, those who will, knowingly or not, bring up the unmet, unloved, unseen parts of ourselves, inviting the darkness back into the light. And so healing may look ugly at first, and relationships may feel incredibly challenging, and for a while we may not be able to see the intelligence in our relationships, which can often feel as though they are working 'against' us, that they actually are threats to our healing. We can feel worse! But with time, and with deep reflection, self-inquiry and honesty, and letting go of all concepts of 'love' and 'healing', we may come to see that our biggest relationship struggles taught us the most, and our supposed psychological 'enemies' were actually forcing us to look at something unmet within ourselves, and breakups were only getting us to learn to sit with heartbreak, to cradle the 'heartbroken one', to embrace the unembraceable parts, the neglected fragments intelligently and creatively pushed away when we were young.

You are surrounded by gurus in all shapes and sizes, and everything you are attracted to, reject or fear in another may just be something that needs holding in yourself. Just maybe. But that 'maybe' may be everything when it comes to love, and there are no wasted encounters here in this supremely intelligent, reflective universe.
Jeff Foster

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Wind in my hair...

Wind in my hair
Sand in my eyes

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The Art of Observing Life
The Art of Living Observingly

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Autumn Leaves...

Falling into Fall

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Galactic History -- Part 1

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Abraham Hicks- Fighting Cancer

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Kissed by the Sullen Touch
Of Tenderness

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Out in the Wild..